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We seek to maximise the potential of your child in the safe environment of our school. We respect the uniqueness of each child and focus on their development, keeping in mind their particular aptitude, interests and the capacity to learn. We seek to provide a stimulating, vibrant and colourful atmosphere where education transcends mere learning into meaningful fun, creating happy and confident individuals who are empowered in every aspect : physical, mental, emotional and social. We aspire to ensure that all students embark on this journey of empowerment by joining hands with parents, teachers and the community such that they grow up to have an identity of their own, and they are not mere shadows of their important others.

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Admission in Class 1 to 8th .

Admission depends on the availability of the seats in the particular class. Admission to other classes will demand upon the availability of eat and competence of the students in the previous school attended must be attached. Guardians are requested to fill the admission form with utmost accuracy and to read the prospectus thoroughly before registering the child. Every student seeking admission in the school is required to produce the following documents without which the admission cannot be finalized.

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